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When the consumer is faced by multiple choices to consider, it is always best for them to take their time to study what’s available to them. The background pre purchase research helps them to weed out the ones that they do not want. In addition to this, the research also allows for comparisons that allow them to be ahead of other people when it comes to shopping. In the past, the old school consumer relied on a print magazine like the consumer report magazine to choose the brands he or she wanted.

In a digital age, the consumer is faced with a massive number of options in a highly dynamic digital world where sellers are detached from their consumers physically. The e-commerce websites facilitating the transactions therefore shoulder the responsibility that was previously placed on the shoulders of a consumer report magazine like the consumer report. They not only help in this by publishing customer reviews and feedback, but by also helping the consumers differentiate and experience products prior to buying them.

Students however are out of luck when it comes to getting this knowledge in the sense that many essay writing companies they buy papers from lack an elaborate consumer education system they can trust of rely on. They need a third party, a savior or detached organization to help them capture the right custom paper writing service.

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Why we rate essay writing companies

The student essay buying process is entirely done online. Students visit an essay writing company, check their orders, pay and wait for their paper in their inbox. Only that, in reality, doesn’t happen. Students, like other consumers, need to invest in their product discovery process. screentimeinstitute.org has done its best to ensure that students in need of custom writing services find services they can trust as soon as possible.

How it works

screentimeinstitute.org collects information about various essay writing companies/services. Once we have had this information, we ensure that we have not only understood it, but also interpreted it for the user. For example, real customer ratings and comments are used to rank some of the best essay writing companies. The list also helps us create a recommendation list the consumer can rely on. In other words, once you have understood what a company offers, you’ll be better placed to ask for a service.

In addition, this website also recruits experts to write comprehensive essay writing company reviews to help users make their decisions in record time.